Cartea de Aur

VLAD TEPES RULER OF WALLACHIA (1448, 1456-1462, † 1476)

Son of Vlad Dracul, whose popular nickname, Dracula, became famous in Central Europe, nicknamed 'Tepes' (The Impaler) by the Turks, with the help of whom he had however obtained the first reign in 1448. In his second reign (1456-1462) he consolidated the ruling authority, protected local trade, coming into conflict with the Saxons living in Transylvania, punished any theft with a cruelty that shocked especially the Romanians, who were not used to the European-type executions applied by him (the impaling had been taken from the Saxons living in Transylvania), supported the Orthodoxy on Mount Athos, and in Romania he made donations and built the Ruling Court church in Târgusor and the first monastery in Comana (1461).

Rising in rebellion against the Turks, in 1462 rejects with a heroic effect the campaign of Mehmed II, the conqueror of Constantinople, leaving the memory of a great fighter against the Turks, but in the fall he was arrested by the Hungarian king Matias Corvin, following the truce with the Ottoman Empire, under the pretexts provided by the colonies of the Saxons living in Transylvania.

After a captivity of over 12 years in Hungary, at the request of Stephen the Great in June 1475 he is appointed ruler again by Matias Corvin, taking part in his anti-Ottoman campaign of 1475-1476 and occupying in October 1476 the Seat in Bucharest with the help of Stephen the Great. But at the end of December 1476 he was killed by the partisans of his rival Basarab Laiota cel Batrân, after a victorious battle against the Turks that were bringing him and took place between Giurgiu and Bucharest.

Thus, after sending his head to the Ottoman Empire, his body was buried, of course, near the battlefield, in the church he had founded at Comana monastery, pulled down however in 1588 when Serban the cup-bearer (Radu Serban) built the second monastery of Comana, the one that we can see today.